Filmmaking Department’s Graduate Students won 4 Golden Bell Television Awards

QUAH Boon-Lip, a directing-major graduate student from our department won Best TV Movie/Mini-Series and Best Director in TV Movie/Mini-Series for his Public Television TV movie Free Man in the 49th Golden Bell Television Awards held on 26 October, 2014. Lily CHEN, a writing-major graduate student from our department won Best Writing in TV Movie/Mini-Series category for the same film. Free Man also garnered Sound Effect Award in the Golden Bell, making it the most awarded film/program in the most important annual TV event in Taiwan.

Both awards in the Best Actress in the Leading Role and Best  Actress in the Supporting Role in the TV Movie/Mini-Series category went to two actresses starring in two film/mini-series directed by two MFA (directing) alumni of our department, SHI Li (2014) and Jay CHERN (2012) respectively.

Congratulations to them!

Filmmaking Department published its third issue of the student works

The Department of Filmmaking announces the publication of its third issue of the student works. The first to issues of the student works was published before 2010 by the Graduate Institute of Filmmaking, the predecessor of the Department of Filmmaking. The sowreel No. 3 is consisted of 12 student films produced between 2010 and 2013 by the MFA students. These films includes:

Thief (directed by Jay CHERN)

The Pool Man (directed by ZHAN Kaidi)

He’s A Dog in My House (directed by TSAO Shih-Han)

Sun Air Water (directed by CHUANG Chih-Keng)

Mr. Barber (directed by Xinyi HU)

True School (directed by Li-da HSU)

Wonderful Day (directed by Fu-Hsiang HSU)

Reflection (directed by CHUANG Ching-Shen)

My Transformed Family (directed by Vincent LIU)

Fly! Mr. Kafka (directed by Vincent LIU)

Suspended Moment (directed by ZHAN Kaidi)

Madison Branches (directed by Pieter Peruch)

Three shorts selected to screen in 2014 Poitier Film Festival in France

The 2014 Poitier Film Festival in France will focus on Chinese student films from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Three short films from the students of TNUA’s Department of Filmmaking will be screened in the film festival in Poitier which commences in November 28. The three films selected by the festival to represent TNUA are No Way Home (directed by SHI Li), The Pool Man (directed by ZHAN Kaidi), and He’s A Dog in My House (directed by TSAO Shih-Han). Both SHI and ZHAN as well as Prof. Daw-Ming LEE, Chair of the Department of Filmmaking, are invited by the Poitier Film Festival to attend the festival. The airfare of the two students are sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, while the airfare of Prof. LEE is kindly sponsored by the Bureau français de Taipei.

School of Film and New Media renews its exchange agreement with the School of F/TV, HKAPA

The exchange agreement between the School of Film and Television, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (F/TV, HKAPA) and TNUA’s School of Film and New Media has been renewed and is in effective immediately. In January 2015 F/TV, HKAPA will send 10 of its senior students and a faculty member to TNUA to shoot a short film, with the assistance from their counterparts in the Department of Filmmaking, TNUA. The students from Hong Kong will stay in Taiwan from January 10 (Sat) to 16 (Fri), 2015 for a total of 7 days. They’ll bring teir own HD camera and basic location sound recording kit and the TNUA will support location shoot equipment such as lights and grip etc. The production budget will be prepared by both TNUA and HKAPA students depending on the script in December. Besides the production, APA students will also take some lectures arranged by the TNUA. After the location shoot completed, there will be a sharing and evaluation session for students from both institutions to exchange what they’ve learnt and experienced in this production. Post-production of this 5-min. short will be carried out when APA students return to Hong Kong.


2014年第六屆關渡電影節於10月3日晚上6點40分假本校藝文生態館三樓電影院隆重開幕。本屆開幕式除邀請到波蘭洛茲國立電影電視與戲劇學院副校長安椎˙貝德納瑞克(Andrzej Bednarek)與兩位畢業生馬丁˙拉特(Martin Rath)、雅戈達˙謝爾慈(Jagoda Szlec)外,與會貴賓還包括中央電影公司林坤煌總經理、日本映画大學中原俊教授與大友りお教授、名製片吳功、名導演李祐寧、臺灣藝術大學傳播學院朱全斌院長、演員張忠瑞等來校參加。在許素朱院長、貝德納瑞克教授及李道明系主任簡單致詞與貴賓合影留念後,簡單隆重的開幕儀式即告結束。關於2003年SARS在臺灣造成醫院恐慌封院的開幕片《B棟8樓》,獲得好評。該片的電影續集企劃案並已獲入選2014年金馬創投會議,謹預祝該企劃能成功募資並拍成電影,再來關渡電有節開幕。

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