MA in Cinema Studies

Regulations for International Student Enrollment and Study in the MA Program in Cinema Studies, Department of Filmmaking

Regulation 1: The regulations are according to the Fifth Regulation of Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan of the Ministry of Education, and TNUA Regulations for the Admission of International Students. 

Regulation 2: Applicants should be qualified according to Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan, and TNUA Regulations for the Admission of International Students. GPA should be above “B” or above 75. Grades in related studying fields should also be above “B” or above 75.      

Regulation 3: How to evaluate foreign applicants: (1) Professional Works (60%), (2) Future Study Plan (40%). There will be an interview, if necessary. The Interview grade will be included into the Study Plan grade. The Department of Filmmaking decides the method of interviewing.  

Regulation 4: Applicants should submit 3 copies each of the following in the second evaluation:

A. Essays – Please supply original written essays as follows

1. A Professional Essay (non-film related essays are acceptable)

Applicants must submit an original professional essay of at least 1000 words. (Note: Co-authored works may be submitted, but the applicant must include a letter from co-author(s) explaining the applicant’s contribution.) Please also include a brief (under 25 word) summary of the essay. If published, please include the name and date of the journal in which the essay was published. Also please include a brief self-written critique of the essay (e.g., what you think you got right, an area where you’d like to do more work, any changes you think might be appropriate, etc.).

2. A Written Analysis of the Current Chinese-language Cinema.  At least 1000 words.

if Chinese is not the language of your national cinema, you may write about the cinema of your own country.

3. A Report on Ten Films. Applicants must write 10 or more films distributed in the past four calendar years (this year and the previous 3 years) in Asia.

Preferably Chinese-language films, but Asian films are also acceptable. Applicants should write critically about the films they choose, as well as placing them in the history of Chinese-language films or Asian films – e.g., in addition to considering each film on it’s own, applicants should demonstrate an ability to place the films in a context.

B. Non-Written Work – i.e., A Self-introduction MP4 file

Applicants should submit a short film as an MP4 file (either through a URL or via DVD) of up to 10 minutes in length. The short film should serve as a self-introduction. It can be auto-biographical: e.g., describing the applicant’s own bio/cv, and/or a film about the research that the applicant has conducted in the past (non-film related research is acceptable), and/or a film about an applicant’s job (previous position(s) held). The applicant should also explain in the film why he or she is seeking to enter into the TNUA Department of Filmmaking’s MA Program in Film History and Film Industry. If you want, you can also explain in the film how you might use your education after graduation from the MA program. In short, applicants are required to submit a short film about themselves and their interests.

C. Study Plan

Applicants should submit a written Study Plan (3 copies). This document should include (in narrative form) a biography, a short essay on your goals at TNUA, and how you plan to achieve those goals. (Please submit your study plan typed on A4 paper.)

D. College Transcript

Applicants must submit 3 copies of a college transcript – one of which should be authenticated, i.e., an official original transcript from the institution where you most recently graduated.

Regulation 5: Situations not listed will follow Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan of the Ministry of Education, and TNUA Regulations for the Admission of International Students.  

Regulation 6: Regulations are approved and modified by the relevant committees of the Department of Filmmaking , and accepted by the Dean’s Office.  

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