The Department of Filmmaking at TNUA was first established in 2003 as the Graduate Institute of Filmmaking. Since 2010, the department has opened to undergraduate admissions, offering a complete film school training.
The graduate master of fine arts (MFA) program focuses on elevating filmmakers in their scriptwriting, directing, and producing. Students with proven creative abilities are encouraged to tell good stories fluently, creating high-quality productions for the Taiwanese and international film markets.
The undergraduate courses in the Department of Filmmaking at TNUA include a full range of film theory and practice courses, with a special emphasis on building up students’ skills in the craft and art of cinematography, art direction, editing, sound design and sound recording, post-production and special effects, and film acting.
In addition to the regular film education courses, the department has developed international exchange programs, a variety of film production projects, and workshops for film professionals (e.g., workshops on production development, pitching, film marketing, scriptwriting, storyboarding, moving camera, 3D filmmaking, advanced cinematography, etc.). 
All of our faculty members are either renowned film scholars or practicing filmmakers in the Chinese-speaking world. Our student films have garnered numerous awards from domestic and international film festivals. And many of our graduates have written/produced/directed feature-length films and TV movies in Taiwan and mainland China.
In a remarkably short time, the Department of Filmmaking at TNUA has become an acknowledged leader in film education and a key part of the Taiwanese film culture – cultivating a new generation of filmmakers in a region where the film industry is booming.


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