Filmmaking Department published its third issue of the student works

The Department of Filmmaking announces the publication of its third issue of the student works. The first to issues of the student works was published before 2010 by the Graduate Institute of Filmmaking, the predecessor of the Department of Filmmaking. The sowreel No. 3 is consisted of 12 student films produced between 2010 and 2013 by the MFA students. These films includes:

Thief (directed by Jay CHERN)

The Pool Man (directed by ZHAN Kaidi)

He’s A Dog in My House (directed by TSAO Shih-Han)

Sun Air Water (directed by CHUANG Chih-Keng)

Mr. Barber (directed by Xinyi HU)

True School (directed by Li-da HSU)

Wonderful Day (directed by Fu-Hsiang HSU)

Reflection (directed by CHUANG Ching-Shen)

My Transformed Family (directed by Vincent LIU)

Fly! Mr. Kafka (directed by Vincent LIU)

Suspended Moment (directed by ZHAN Kaidi)

Madison Branches (directed by Pieter Peruch)

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